Job Descriptions

The SoulMedic

Do you care about people and want to help those that are caught in pain? Cutting, suicidal thinking, porn addiction and abuse are often secret struggles that aren't being shared with anyone face to face. But at people are sharing these secrets with us 24 hours a day through web and texting. We need volunteers who will assist in being available to these people so we can provide someone to chat with. As an “online listener”, or SOULMEDIC, your primary responsibility would be to log in online for one hour per week (minimum) as a chat moderator for our organization. You'd be trained via video tutorials on how to be an active listener and give guidance when appropriate. This is not a counseling role but rather a commitment to be available via your computer to CHAT, LISTEN and LOVE when people come to our website looking for hope and help.

This volunteer internet missionary role invites you to be online 1 hour per week, on Remedy's chat management site, There you can interact with chat visitors and help them through their life issues, all from your own home computer. RemedyLIVE provides training via our video library at The position requires the applicant to be at least 20 years old or have completed 1 year of college. [apply for this position]

Part Time Positions

Paid SoulMedic (4 hour shifts) - PAID PART TIME

This part time position requires a flexible schedule and a willingness to be available for 4 hours at a time to chat with users that visit our website seeking someone to talk to. Applicant can work from their home and must have access to high speed internet as well as provide their own computer for chatting. Training will be provided. [apply for this position]


General Intern - UNPAID

The general internship opportunity allows the intern to experience a little bit of everything at RemedyLIVE. As the intern learns more about the overall organization a specific direction can be chosen to utilize their gifts and talents whether that's broadcasting, design, editing, ministry or administration. [apply for this position]