We’re committed to the conversation.

Every community needs a special focus on those in the midst of adolescence. It’s during this stage that human beings develop the most physically, emotionally, sexually and spiritually. It’s also a time when depression and mental health can become a danger to a young person living a healthy life. In the USA we are blessed to have many who spend face to face time with the 13-25 year old demographic. However, in a day and age when mobile technology has surpassed face to face interaction as the number one way teens and young adults communicate, how can our communities keep up with all the negative social media trends? Sexualized content and cyber-bullying have collided with increased mental health issues and isolation. The aftermath is the deconstruction of a healthy lifestyle, and an unwillingness to share inner struggles at some level, for an entire generation.

Students are bullied more now than ever before, but today it’s faceless and even more powerful. In fact, each year, almost 5,000 young people, ages 15 to 24, kill themselves.

In 2007 we diagnosed these trends and decided to create an online destination, with trained staff, so that we could focus on one thing – meaningful conversations with students who would visit our website. We believe that when teens are served in anonymity, and allowed to share their struggle, they can be encouraged to find help because they now know they’re not alone. We also believe that meaningful conversations help people unpack their secrets in a way that moves them closer to realizing their God given potential and His love for them. When they know they’re not alone they have the courage to take the next steps to confess an abuse, share a suicide strategy, or realize the importance of connecting with a therapist, should that be needed, face to face.

All this is possible because of the way technology engages today’s teenager. For most teens or young adults, a mobile device or web based conversation is the preferred way to interact. It’s safe without fear of ridicule, it’s immediate in it’s interaction, and it enables the teen or young adult to be bold in sharing what they may have never shared with another person face to face. It engages them in a language they speak and trust and allows the opportunity for someone to help them take healthy steps.

RemedyLIVE is committed to serving teens and young adults. We desire to help any young person who is considering suicide, struggling with depression, or dealing with a destructive secret, find the freedom that thousands of our clients have enjoyed though a technology based conversation with one of our SoulMedics.

Mission Focus:

Our focus at RemedyLIVE is to to engage our website and text to chat clients in meaningful conversations. A meaningful conversation is…candid, confessional, anonymous, honest, non-judgmental, safe, real, empathetic, trust worthy, interactive, and immediate. We know that our client target audience, those between 13 and 25 years of age, use technology to communicate more than any other medium. Our ultimate desire would be that they would get help face to face, however we feel called to use technology to maximize anonymity, encourage transparency, and build a bridge of trust that can encourage a face to face, life on life relationship for the help they need.

Ingredients for Success:

The backbone of our nonprofit service is our 30+ SoulMedics. RemedyLIVE pays staff to be online so we can provide interactive chat services 24 hours a day. This guarantees that our chat clients will always have someone to interact with anonymously. Our clients find our website thanks to a monthly Google Adwords grant and a well built website that connects them with RemedyLIVE.com when they use a search engine looking for help with a hard issue. The issues we target in our ads, through our website structure, and our on-demand video library orbit around suicidal thinking, bullying, depression, abuse, self harm, and faith. As a Christian organization we believe that asking questions and listening to our client’s story through a technological chat conversation builds a bridge of trust and truly extends God’s love for all young people, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, or religion.